Jubilee Elite Wellness Club – Transforming Health

Jubilee Health Insurance Launches Exclusive Elite Wellness Club, Redefining Convenience for Executive Clients

Nairobi, Kenya – Monday, 26th June 2023

Jubilee Health Insurance, the leading healthcare provider in Kenya, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Elite Wellness Club. This ground-breaking initiative is set to revolutionize the healthcare landscape by offering unparalleled convenience and value exclusively to its executive clients insured with Jubilee Health Insurance.

The Elite Wellness Club is a collaborative effort with various healthcare providers in the Jubilee Health Insurance provider panel, with the prestigious Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) being the first hospital to join as a partner. This strategic collaboration ensures that members of the Elite Wellness Club have access to a wide range of world-class healthcare services, delivered with utmost professionalism and care.

Membership to the Elite Wellness Club is exclusive to executives who insure with Jubilee Health Insurance. To join this prestigious club, executives that take up a medical cover, receive an invitation to unlock the exceptional benefits and services offered.

The Elite Wellness Club offers a host of tailored benefits specifically designed to meet the unique needs of executive clients. Members will enjoy personalized care and priority access to premier service providers, ensuring that their healthcare journey is seamless and efficient.

One of the primary aims of the Elite Wellness Club is to expedite healthcare services and drastically reduce waiting times. Members will experience express services, avoiding long queues and receiving individualized healthcare plans. Additionally, complimentary drug delivery services will be provided for utmost convenience.

Concierge services will be available to assist members with appointments, referrals, and healthcare coordination, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Members will also have access to exclusive facilities, including the renowned Aga Khan clinic, where they will receive care in a comfortable and private environment.

Furthermore, the Elite Wellness Club will offer tailored wellness programs and health management services, providing comprehensive support for members’ well-being. Various forums and networking opportunities will also be organized, allowing members to connect with like-minded individuals and further enhance their professional networks.

Jubilee Health Insurance remains committed to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions to all its clients across the entire spectrum. The launch of the Elite Wellness Club addresses the specific needs of business executives, offering a program tailored to their unique requirements.

Jubilee Health CEO Njeri Jomo expressed her appreciation for the partnership with Aga Khan University Hospital, emphasizing the company’s dedication to providing convenient and quality healthcare. Jomo stated, “Our clients’ well-being and convenience are of utmost importance to us. The launch of the Elite Wellness Club will reshape healthcare delivery by providing express services to C-Suite clients. We understand the demanding nature of their roles as industry leaders, and we aim to ensure they have more time to focus on what matters most to them—their businesses—while receiving seamless and quality healthcare services.”

Aga Khan University Hospital CEO Rashid Khalani also shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to partner with Jubilee Health Insurance for the launch of the Elite Wellness Club. Through our Family physicians, we will offer holistic care, including a wellness program that will enable patients to identify diseases early for timely intervention. As we know, when diseases are detected early, there are more treatment options, better outcomes, and quicker recovery.”

The launch of the Elite Wellness Club reaffirms Jubilee Health Insurance’s position as an industry leader and a trusted healthcare partner that is at the forefront of innovation. This pioneering solution sets a new standard of excellence in healthcare delivery, prioritizing the well-being of top executives and providing them with the support they need to thrive in their professional endeavours.

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