The Jubilee Fixed Income Fund is a unit trust fund designed to preserve your capital while maximising interest income and providing immediate liquidity. With a low to medium investment risk, the fund aims to deliver returns surpassing inflation and cash returns over the long term, all while minimising risk exposure. Jubilee Insurance ensures your money works for you by strategically investing the fund in handpicked fixed income instruments. These are based on yields offered by national government bonds, county governments, corporate bonds, trusted banks, and money market instruments. The Total Investment charge (TIC), including fees and expenses, stands at 2.22% (2.58% inc. VAT). Start investing with as little as KES 5,000 for your initial lump sum investment and add on with increments of KES 1,000. Our Ideal Investor This fund is tailor-made for :

  • Investors seeking security and regular income.
  • Those eyeing medium to long-term capital growth through interest income that outperforms the inflation rate.
  • Individuals wishing to make a lump-sum investment in a low to medium risk portfolio with higher returns than the rate of inflation.

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