It is time to rethink your retirement timeline. You may think the end of your working life is a long way away, but the earlier you start to plan, the sooner you will achieve financial freedom. To help you prepare, we have created a tailor-made retirement savings plan. The plan enables you to build a retirement fund by making periodic contributions into an interest-bearing fund. Let the power of compounding interest work for you.

Why choose the Personal Pension Plan? 

  • It is 100% convenient, contributions can be paid through M-PESA, cheques, bank standing order, or cash. 
  • We take a prudent approach in investing your funds, with security and sustainable long term returns as a priority – providing a guarantee on your accumulated fund. 
  • We provide a statement of account at the end of each financial year showing contributions and interest earned on funds.

Key Benefits

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Members at retirement may opt to draw periodic regular income up to a maximum of 15% per annum while investing the balance.

Cheque, bankers standing order, salary stop order, cash or M-PESA 328103, account number PPP Policy Number. You may contribute monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

Complete the application form and forward it to us together with a copy of your ID/Passport, KRA PIN and the first contribution

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