Jubilee Insurance and Exigent Ltd to Host 2,500 Participants in an Iconic Cycling Event

Nairobi Kenya, Thursday 5th October 2023

Jubilee Insurance and Exigent Limited have today launched the second edition of the Jubilee Live Free Race. This follows the three-year title sponsorship of the Jubilee Live Free Race by Jubilee Insurance valued at KES 20 million; KES 10 million in cash paid towards the event planning and a further KES 10 million on the advertising and promotion. 

Building on the success of the inaugural event, Jubilee Insurance and Exigent Limited will this year deliver a bigger and more impactful cycling competition. Jubilee Live Free Race- Powered by GNBR is targeting 2,500 international participants and cycling enthusiasts from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Burundi, Congo for a day of fun as well as advocacy on wellness, inclusivity, and environmental conservation.  

The increasing prevalence of lifestyle-related illnesses is a growing concern, affecting families and placing an additional strain on the healthcare infrastructure of the nation. The World Health Organization reports that 41 million people lose their lives globally every year as a result of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). According to the Ministry of Health, NCDs are the second leading cause of morbidity and responsible for 39 per cent of all deaths reported yearly in Kenya. Factors such as physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and harmful use of alcohol continue to aggravate the risk of NCDs. In the face of escalating prevalence of lifestyle diseases, acknowledging the critical role of physical activity is a pivotal step towards fostering a healthier society.  

Jubilee Insurance Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications Caroline Ndungu noted that amidst the concerning statistics, physical activity holds the key to combat the surge of lifestyle diseases and improve the mental well-being.  

“The significance of physical activity cannot be understated. The Jubilee Live Free Race will not only drive awareness on how exercise contributes to our overall well-being but also provide an opportunity for families to be physically engaged through the cycling sport,” said Caroline.  

Jubilee Live Free Race will also advocate for environmental stewardship and conservation. Climate change, deforestation and pollution continue to pose serious threats to communities and businesses worldwide. The UN Environmental Program reports that the African continent suffers the heaviest impact of climate crisis including severe drought and hottest temperatures.  

Exigent Limited Co-Ordinator Loise Wachira noted that promoting use of non-motorized transport (NMT) and the expansive NMT infrastructure that the government has put in place, is critical in reducing fuel emissions, which is essential in addressing the challenges posed by the climate crisis.  

“The global climate challenge requires collaborative efforts between individuals, companies and the government. We are delighted to partner with Jubilee Insurance as we address environmental issues and work towards sustainable solutions. The Jubilee Live Free Race -powered by Grand Nairobi Bike Race will advocate for practical, sustainable practices by combining the passion for cycling with environmental awareness,” said Loise.  

Jubilee Live Free Race will be flagged off at KICC and will consist of 6 categories: Kiddies Track, Black Mamba (48kms), Family Fun Ride (10km), Individual Race, Physically Challenged Race (48 Kms) and the Main Race (80kms). Individuals, cycling groups and corporate teams are eligible to register and participate in the event.  

Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) Michael Waiyaki John Cheboi noted that the Jubilee Live Free Race will promote inclusivity in road design and usage contributing to the overall safety of all road users.  

“Road safety and accessibility is at the core of what we do. KURA is actively developing an urban road network that will cater to the diverse needs of all individuals. We have come in as a partner during the Jubilee Live Free Race to secure the route map and ensure all participants are safe,” said Cheboi.  

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