The Jubilee Money Market fund strategically puts its money into high-quality, easily convertible money market instruments that have a short-term focus of 13 months or less.

These instruments include Treasury Bills, Treasury Bonds, well-rated private commercial paper, officially approved public commercial papers, high-quality corporate bonds, as well as secure fixed and call deposits. Jubilee Insurance ensures you get the best investments from your assets.

These investment choices are carefully made from both the Kenyan and offshore markets to ensure the highest level of security for our investors. With an initial minimum investment of KES 5,000, an additional lump sum amount of KES 1,000. The fund allows you to grow your investment at whichever level.

Our Ideal Investor

  • Investors seeking a low-risk investments with higher returns than bank deposit.
  • Investors who wish to make a lump-sum investment in a lower risk portfolio with higher returns.
  • Investors requiring monthly income distributions.


  • Competitive Returns: The Jubilee Money Market Fund delivers higher returns than bank deposits and 91-day Treasury Bills rate.
  • Ease of Investment: The Fund is highly liquid and provides investors with a platform to save in the short to medium term.
  • Tax-Exempt Fund: The Fund is registered as a tax-exempt Fund on income and capital gains. Distributions to investors are subject to 15% Withholding Tax.

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