J-Care offers you and your family the flexibility to choose from 6 levels of coverage, including our prestigious plan with a generous inpatient cover of up to 10 million. Our regional network of service providers and overseas credit-based facility ensure that we've got you covered wherever you go. Eligibility is simple and inclusive. From the moment you're born until you turn 64, you can rely on the protection of J-Care for reliable protection. And when you reach the age of 65 and beyond, we seamlessly transition you to our J Seniors plan, offering lifelong coverage. 

Why is J-Care the best fit for you?

  • Our regional network of over 4,000 hospitals and healthcare professionals plus and 24-hour customer care team provide quality care wherever you go.
  • Our wellness program helps you and your loved ones lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Key Benefits

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We have a standalone cover for children between the ages of 0–17 years, which offers five flexible plans and great benefits. Children between the age of 0–18 have coverage under both J Care and J Care Johari policies, which extends to 25 years old for dependent children.

Yes, Jubilee Health offers coverage for members aged 61 –80 with the option of extending it to 85. The policy has 5 flexible plans to choose from.

Jubilee health offers insurance coverage for individuals, groups and corporate organizations. Our individual health policies depend on the budget and the age of the principal member. For further inquiries please talk to us on 0709094000.

We have four individual health insurance policies, namely, J Senior, J Care Junior, J Care, J Care Johari.

You can use your Jubilee Health cover within 30 days of receiving you membership card.

All Jubilee Health policies are comprehensive and cover a wide variety of illnesses. However, coverage for certain chronic conditions must be clearly stated in your policy document. Additionally, some conditions have a one-year waiting period. These include diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension, cancer, HIV etc. Please check your policy document for illnesses covered and their waiting periods.

These tests have a one-year waiting period, meaning you’ll be able to access them in the second year of your coverage.

For help or information regarding card loss, your insurance cover or provider, please reach our 24/7 hotline on 0709094000 or email us on Talk2ushealth@jubileekenya.com

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