Looking for flexibility and easy access to your post-retirement fund? The Income Drawdown is just the solution for you available to persons over the age of 50yrs following retirement from employment. It gives you control of how much income you take (which is taxable) and can make withdrawals whenever you want; monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually subject to the maximum drawdown amount.

Why get the Income Drawdown? 

  • Always access your pension in a flexible way. 
  • You may reinvest accumulated retirement benefits. 
  • This generates a sustainable income throughout retirement. 

Key Benefits

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You will be able to withdraw up to a maximum of 15% of your retirement account balance.

A minimum drawdown period is the minimum period you will have to withdraw a pension from the fund. Minimum period set by the retirement benefits authority is 10 years.

Recommended minimum is KES 1,000,000 from your retirement savings or any other savings. However, you can top up periodically to have a larger pot to draw from.

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