Jubilee has a rich history of partnerships with corporate institutions, banks and saccos that provide finance/credit facilities to their staff members. This solution caters to guarantee security of loan issued in the event of death, disability or retrenchment. The hard-earned assets/income that the loan has gone towards securing for a family are then safeguarded for the Loanee’s family to continue enjoying. The scope goes beyond occupational incident and accidents coverage to ensure illnesses and natural causes are covered, worldwide.

Why get the Credit Life Plan?

  • The plan covers death, with the outstanding loan balance payable within 5 days of final documents submission and can be augmented with Funeral expense payable within 48 hours of notification of death.
  • The plan covers total and permanent disability with loan amount settled if disability occurs by reason of injury or illness whilst in usual occupation.
  • The plan covers retrenchment, and benefit payable is the loan installments insured, paid monthly for the maximum period or until the member secure employment. It is only claimable once.

Key Benefits

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