The Baada ya Campo fund is a student cover from Jubilee Life Insurance designed to help the fresh graduates settle into life out of college. It provides cash for immediate needs such as daily living expenses, job search, or even setting up business ventures for enterprising graduates.

Life after campus can be extremely daunting with an ever-changing job landscape and numerous work stressors. Why not plan ahead with Baada ya Campo?

Why get the Baada ya Campo Policy from Jubilee Life Insurance?

  • This plan provides a great savings opportunity to prepare for life after school.
  • The student enjoys a life assurance cover equivalent to 75% of the sum assured in the event of untimely and premature death of the student during the years of study (or the term of the savings plan).

Key Benefits

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The benefit level is determined by the level of premiums a student is willing to pay. Monthly premiums are preset at KES 2,110 KES 1,580 and KES 1,055. Corresponding sum assured is based on the number of years the student will save. Target sums assured range from KES 50,000 to KES 155,262.

The target age group is college-age students which is between 19-25 years.

Yes, the longer you save, the more funds you will accumulate by the end of the course.

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