In the journey to build your wealth or generational wealth for your family, unfortunate hiccups slow us down. We have designed a wealth protector plan to ensure that not only are you not slowed down from planning for your financially bright future, but you are cheered on and enabled to keep growing.

Why get the Jubilee Wealth Protector Plan?
This plan allows for a disciplined and systematic way to save for a specific future financial need. In case the policyholder is hospitalized due to sickness or injury during the policy term, Ushs. 100,000/= of 25 nights per year. This benefit applies only if the policyholder is hospitalized for at least three consecutive days. 

Key Benefits

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The policy term is between 10 – 20 years.

Minimum Sum assured: UGX 11,400,000/=. There is no maximum sum assured.

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