Children hold a special place in our hearts, and at Jubilee Health, we understand the importance of their well-being. That's why J-Care Junior is designed exclusively for children aged 0 to 17 years, ensuring that your little ones are always taken care of. With a range of fantastic benefits, this stand-alone coverage provides healthcare tailored to their unique needs. From routine check-ups to essential immunizations, we've got their health covered every step of the way.

Why choose J-Care Junior for your child?

  • As a stand-alone cover, J-Care Junior gives you the flexibility to choose the benefits that best suit your child’s needs without being limited by an overall family package.
  • J-Care Junior is tailored specifically to cater to the unique injuries, illnesses, and preventative care of childhood.

Key Benefits

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Jubilee health offers insurance coverage for individuals, groups and corporate organisations. Our individual health policies depend on the budget and the age of the principal member. For further inquiries please talk to us on +256 414311701

We have three individual health insurance policies, J Senior, J Care Junior and J Care Individual / Family Health Cover

Jubilee Health offers standalone coverage for children aged 0–17 under the J Care Junior policy as well as the J Care Family Health Cover

Yes, Jubilee Health offers coverage for members aged 61 –80 with the option of extending it to 85. The policy has 5 flexible plans to choose from

You can use your Jubilee Health cover within 30 days of receiving you membership card.

All Jubilee Health policies are comprehensive and cover a wide variety of illnesses. However, coverage for certain chronic conditions must be clearly stated in your policy document. Additionally, some conditions have a one-year waiting period. These include diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension, cancer, HIV etc. Please check your policy document for illnesses covered and their waiting periods.

These tests have a one-year waiting period, meaning you’ll be able to access them in the second year of your coverage

For help or information regarding card loss, your insurance cover or provider, please reach our 24/7 hotline on +256 414311701or email us on

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