Weddings are lovely and filled with beautiful memories, but this joyful moment is often financially draining. That’s why we created this policy to ease the financial strain on you, so you can happily enjoy your spectacular wedding. With flexible and friendly exit terms, you can easily build up a fund to finance the traditional wedding, the main wedding and a honeymoon, in addition to the usual benefits. 

Why get the Kwanjula Plus Plan?

  • Short saving durations, minimum 5 years 
  • Flexible and friendly exit terms 
  • Enable the policyholder to build up a fund to finance Kwanjula, the main wedding and a honeymoon 
  • Offer protection during the term of the policy 

Key Benefits

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18 to 55 years.

The Minimum Sum assured is UGX 10,000,000/=. There is no maximum sum assured.

The policy term is between 5– 10 years.

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