Medical Providers Specialists and Dentists

Medical Providers Specialists and Dentists

Medical Providers Full list

Medical Providers Full List

Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya Limited Whistleblowing policy

From time to time, a member of staff might discover information which he or she believes shows wrongdoing or malpractice within the organisation. On such occasions, it must be made possible for the information to be disclosed without fear of reprisal to appropriate persons within the organisation.

Jubilee Holdings Limited Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Board of Directors of Jubilee Holdings Limited (the “Company”) is responsible for the governance of the Company and is committed to ensuring that its business and operations are conducted with integrity and in compliance with the law, best practices of corporate governance and ethical behaviour.

Jubilee Holdings Limited Board Charter

The Company is committed to good corporate governance and to complying with legislation, regulations and codes of best practice in all jurisdictions in which it operates. The Board of Directors (“the Board”) subscribes to generally accepted principles of good corporate governance and has adopted the Capital Markets Authority Code of Corporate Governance Practices for Issuers […]

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