About The Blue Company Project

Jubilee Insurance proudly sponsors and is an active participant in The Blue Company Project, which champions anti-corruption efforts in East African private sector firms.

Founded in 2018 by Group Chairman Mr. Nizar Juma, the initiative unites over 500 volunteer businesses and institutions to combat corruption comprehensively.

As corruption scandals and unethical practices rise in the private sector, The Blue Company advocates for cultural transformation through a unified voice.

Partnering with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes; Regional Office of East Africa (UNODC ROEA), The Blue Company supports companies in implementing anti-bribery and whistleblowing guidelines.

This aligns with the shared goal of achieving SDG 16, which promotes just, peaceful and inclusive societies.

The Blue Company Objectives

  • Fostering a culture of integrity within the private sector
  • Empowering members with the right knowledge, skills, and mindset to address corruption and unethical behavior.
  • Strengthening the capabilities of agencies, institutions, and professionals to effectively prevent and combat corruption and unethical actions.
  • Establishing collaborations, networks, and alliances with law enforcement agencies, educational organizations, international entities, and other sectors.
  • Advocating for anti-corruption measures based on solid evidence.Promoting exemplary practices in governance, leadership, integrity, and the fight against corruption.
  • Enhancing companies' abilities to successfully implement anti-bribery protocols and guidelines for whistleblowing. Top of Form.

How To Become a Member of the Blue Company

  1. The CEO or Managing Director (MD) is required to write to each employee of his or her Company and its subsidiaries, informing them that henceforth no employee is allowed to give or take bribes in any form and that contravening this condition of employment will be treated as gross misconduct and liable to summary dismissal.
  2. The CEO or MD will also declare that all donations, gifts and favour given or received by the Company or any employee to a customer or potential customer, supplier or potential supplier, government official or representative should be transparent, that is, declared and official. Any non-branded gifts accepted by any employee or given to anyone shall not exceed an agreed amount (say $30), and if of a higher amount it shall be declined and/or returned.
  3. The Company, through its CEO or MD, shall have a declared policy of being free from practices of favoritisms on grounds of tribe, gender, religion, color or creed or any other form of bias. The company agrees to the prospect of undergoing training with UNODC on developing and implementing anti-bribery and whistle-blowing policy and procedures.

Benefits of Being a Blue Company Member

  1. Competitive Advantage: Join a large group of respected entities who, with the public interest at heart, are visibly taking a stand against corruption in our region.
  2. Network Purchase: The Group Purchasing initiative enables Blue Company members to trade with each other and to extend discounted rates.
  3. Brand Visibility: Positive positioning around Blue companies through the various Blue Company publicity activities.
  4. Ownership: Employees and other stakeholders are proud to associate themselves with Blue Companies, strengthening their respective brand image.

Please visit www.the-bluecompany.org to learn more about The Blue Company Project and become a certified member. Alternatively, you can contact the Secretariat on +254 740 049 500 for further guidance.