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Systematically save for your child’s education.

About Jubilee Education Plus Plan

This product provides you with an opportunity to save for your children education as you enjoy life insurance protection.
Quality education for your children is a top priority. However due to the uncertainties of increasing cost of education, insufficient funds or unforeseen death or disability of the parent, a child’s dream may be challenged. That is why the future should be anticipated and planned for today with this plan.

Product Benefits
Maturity – On Survival of the life assured to the end of the premium paying term the policyholder receives 110% of the Sum Assured plus accrued bonuses up the end of the term. Bonuses are determined every year based on investment performance of the Company.


Benefits at a glance

Jubilee Insurance

Total and Permanent Disability

Jubilee Insurance

Waiver of Premium on disability

Jubilee Insurance

Child Accident Hospitalization Benefit

Jubilee Insurance

Adult Accident Hospitalization Benefit

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