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Corporate Health Cover

When your employees are working hard for you, choosing the right corporate cover can be essential.

What we offer

As an employer, you can provide your staff with a cover for their healthcare needs; from preventative measures to prescriptions and check-ups, and in-patient treatment. Providing corporate healthcare cover for your employees can make them feel protected and supported. Our corporate plans offer great benefits, no matter the size of your business.


Benefits at a glance

Jubilee Insurance

Post hospitalization benefit

Jubilee Insurance

Wide range of plans to choose from

Jubilee Insurance

Countrywide provider network

Jubilee Insurance

Funeral expense benefit

Jubilee Insurance

Inpatient dental and optical treatment

Jubilee Insurance

Pre-existing and Chronic Condition cover

Healthy Employees = Healthy Companies. Our job is to help you choose the right insurance cover for you so that you may Live Free!