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What should be in my hospital bag?

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Choosing what to put in your hospital bag and packing it ready for the maternity ward is one of the most exciting parts of late pregnancy.

It’s important to have a hospital bag readily packed by week 35 since you could go into labour at any time in the weeks before your due date. Keep your “go-bag” near the door or in the hallway ready to grab on your way out– or even in the car.
You can write a checklist for your hospital bag, working out what essentials you’ll need for yourself and your new-born, and then finally packing it all up to avoid forgetting important things you may need. Early packing will make your birth preparation easier and give you enough time to buy what is lacking. Also having your bag ready ahead of time is a good idea even if you’re having a planned C-section, because labour could start before your scheduled date.

Essentials for the mom-to-be

As well as the items on our check-list below, you will probably want to add in some personal items as per your need;

What to pack if you’re having a C-section

You might want to add a few things to your packing list if you’re having a planned C-section:

What to Pack in Your Baby’s Hospital Bag

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