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We all need to embrace technology in doing business

We all need to embrace technology in doing business

To the point of writing this blog, I still wasn’t certain about what it is exactly I felt about this mystified idea that had quickly been turned into a reality by the Barcelonan-based tech guru, Dr. Sergi Santos. The features of this robot, which he loves to call Samantha, mainly artificial intelligence, are as stunning as they are startling. Its sense and response to touch, ability to communicate, (though minimally) as well as capacity to express emotion are all mindboggling steps by man in his attempt to realize the big dream of artificially creating one of their kinda fully functional humans.

The wake of the new millennium has seen a myriad of fascinating developments in every area of life. Its dawn marked the beginning of the end of several eras, some that have already been witnessed while others are fast approaching. When Bob Lutz, a veteran in the motor vehicle industry, said that people will be selling their currently cherished cars for scrap in less than a decade from now, a considerable percentage of modern-day critics with a traditional mindset quickly dismissed him without much thought and even dubbed him, ‘fantasist futurist’. With every new day, however, the auto-industry has continuously made new releases with a key emphasis on New Energy Vehicles (NEV). China is at the forefront in the fight against diesel and petrol-powered vehicle engines as witnessed in their aggressive bans.

If a Japanese engineer isn’t busy brainstorming in the line of super-fast cozy New Energy Vehicles, he’s engrossed in making a robot chef. Sounds magic but it is already more than just an idea. The Huis Ten Bosch, an amusement park dedicated to drawing tourists, is among few commercial food places that have integrated robot services in their food preparation processes. Moley Robotics Company will be launching the world’s fully automated and integrated intelligent cooking robot in a decade. No. This year – 2018! It is projected that at the time of the launch, the robot will have the capacity to cook upwards of 100 different meals. The sweetest part of this invention is that the robot will clean itself.

Technology is not only changing the kitchen and the whole cooking experience but also the food cooked. Like other investors, Richard Branson and Bill Gates have pumped huge sums of money into Memphis meat, which is a company that focuses on making meat without animals. Numerous personal health benefits increased animal welfare, and massive environmental gains are among the cited factors that have driven these firms into synthetically replicating meat cells from plant-based products and are hopeful of great success.

Conversations about technology go on and on with businesses experiencing their own shake by the wave. In a recent post by Sunny Bindra, an avid reader, and tech enthusiast, he explains that this might be the same year that an experiment to have intelligent bots offer customer service will be conducted. Of course, it is more advantageous compared to humans: Ease of saving large data, ability to store preferences, and free of external training and motivation costs. All these and more in 2018.

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