Jubilee Health Launches a Medical Cover to Promote Health Inclusion

Nairobi, Kenya Wednesday 6th September 2023

In an effort to reshape the medical coverage landscape in Kenya, Jubilee Health Insurance has launched CoverBora Medical Cover. The comprehensive and affordable inpatient solution is a significant step towards promoting inclusive healthcare for individuals and families across the country.

The healthcare affordability crisis in Kenya has continued to worsen as families rely on out-of-pocket payments to pay for healthcare services. The Kenya Demographic Health Survey 2022 reports that just one in four Kenyans has some form of health insurance. The report further estimates that Kenyans spend KES 150 million in out-of-pocket payment expenditures on health services a year driving nearly a million people into poverty. Affordable healthcare will not only enable individuals to access needed medical services but also cushion them from catastrophic health expenses.  

With a deep commitment to address this challenge, Jubilee Health has developed CoverBora Medical Cover to empower individuals and families from all walks of life to access medical services and to enjoy peace of mind.

Jubilee Health Insurance CEO Njeri Jomo said “The launch of CoverBora strategically aligns with our commitment to advance the universal healthcare coverage agenda. This medical solution is engineered to not only offer coverage but to instil a sense of security among citizens, reaffirming that their well-being takes precedence.”

CoverBora Medical Cover will enable individuals and families of any size to purchase plans with monthly payments from as low as KES 500 . The coverage tiers range from KES 250,000 to Kes 500,000 per insured family per annum.

Unlike any other medical cover, CoverBora has adopted a holistic approach that will cover everything inpatient from maternity care to end-of-life provisions. The cover will also provide coverage for pre-existing and chronic conditions during hospitalization, and even HIV conditions without bias. Customers with pre-existing conditions will not be subjected to a waiting period thereby ensuring they access timely care during critical moments. In addition, CoverBora includes COVID-19 hospitalization coverage, last expense benefits, and coverage for psychiatric illnesses.

The launch of CoverBora transcends a product introduction; it champions a cause. Jubilee Health Insurance is committed to play its part in making healthcare accessible to all, irrespective of financial status. CoverBora embodies this commitment, ushering in an era where health is never compromised due to economic constraints.

Jubilee Health Insurance CEO Njeri Jomo concluded, “Healthcare access is a fundamental human right that goes beyond an individual’s income levels. At Jubilee Health, we are doing all we can to ensure every individual has an opportunity to live a healthy and dignified life. We invite individuals, families, and communities to join us on this revolutionary journey. Together, we can forge a path toward accessible, affordable, and transformative healthcare.”

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