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Imarisha Jamii

Bima yako, Maisha yako

Imarisha Jamii is designed to provide cover for Hospital cash, Disbility and Death. It is easy to subscribe to by dialing *643# on any mobile phone, and is convenient and affordable

Affordable Cover

Access hospital cash, funeral benefits and disability cover for as low as
Ksh 20/- per week.

Easily Accessible

Dial *643# on any mobile device to access affordable insurance.

No Exclusions

Imarisha Jamii has no exclusions and caters to everyone from the ages of

To access Imarisha Jamii product on your mobile phone,
simply dial *643# and follow the prompts.

Who needs Imarisha Jamii?

If you recognise of the risks of everyday life and would like to give yourself and your family an extra layer of protection that is affordable and easily accessible, then Imarisha Jamii is the product for you.

Insurance at the touch of a button

Insurance has never been this easy. With Imarisha Jamii you can go about your business without worry since getting your cover is as easy to access from any mobile device by dialing *643#

Peace of mind as you recover.

With Imarisha Jamii's Hospital Cash you can concentrate on your recovery and not have to worry about getting back on your feet financially.

Our Package Plans

Monthly Option 1


Billed Monthly

Hospital Cash 10,000

Disability Benefits 100,000

Funeral Benefits 100,000

Dial *643#

Monthly Option 2


Billed Monthly

Hospital Cash 5,000

Disability Benefits 50,000

Funeral Benefits 50,000

Dial *643#

Weekly Option 1


Billed Weekly

Hospital Cash 1,000

Disability Benefits 10,000

FuneralBenefits 10,000

Dial *643#

Weekly Option 2


Billed Weekly

Hospital Cash 500

Disability Benefits 5,000

FuneralBenefits 5,000

Dial *643#

Frequently Asked Questions

Imarisha Jamii is an insurance policy designed to provide cover for hospital cash - against hospitalization for 3 nights or more, Death and Disability. It is a Policy designed to provide you with.

  • Up to KShs. 100,000 for Funeral expenses
  • Up to KShs. 100,000 for Disability after an accident
  • Up to KShs. 10,000 Hospital Cash when admitted for 3 nights or more
  • Imarisha Jamii is designed to provide cover for hospital cash (against Hospitalization for 3nights or more), Death and Disability.
  • There are two cover options; A Weekly Cover and A Monthly Cover
  • There is convenient subscription via a USSD sign up *643#. The same applies to viewing your policy Documentations
  • National ID and Hospital Discharge summary
  • National ID and Burial Permit
  • National ID and Hospital Letter
  • Details, the Terms and Conditions and Making a Claim.
  • Claim is currently available to the M-pesa Subscribers
  • Cover is nonrenewable; it expires after the cover period has ended
  • The subscriber will be required to pay premium, and to keep on renewing to enjoy insurance
  • Dial *643#, select Imarisha Jamii and select make a claim. You will answer the questions that follow thereafter. Once you have answered and submitted all documents as requested via the short-code *643#, it should only take about 24 hours or just one working day. All claim benefits are settled via M-Pesa.

    Imarisha Jamii provides you with affordable, accessible insurance to help you manage risk.