Yes, you only need to pay 5,900 Fbu for a Duplicate

Yes it is possible. Simply inform us and submit the new logbook and the premium will be calculated on a pro rate basis.

All payment to Jubilee Insurance will be made through Bank transfer or Mobile Money. Receipt will be issued on the basis of the confirmed transactions of Mobile Money or upon presentation of the bank deposit slip

Fill out an intermediary change form and submit it with a copy of the ID.

In case of refund, a letter must be sent with a copy of the ID.

You can cancel the policy at any time by informing us, returning the original and the duplicate of the insurance and by writing a letter about it and we will refund the premium for the remaining insurance period

When all the required documents are available, we ourselves one month expect for cases of total loss.

The pension fund can be availed at any time you may wanna withdraw it subject to some tax deduction at the time of withdrawal.

At the time the doctor confirms that you are totally and permanently disabled , the accumulated fund  will be available if you want to withdraw it without any restriction  or you can decide  to not withdraw it at the moment and your fund will continue to grow until you decide to withdraw it.

In the unfortunate event of your death before you retire, the accumulated fund available at the time of your death will be paid to your designated beneficiaries.